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From deep in a Washington Post story headlined: At Least 14 Palestinians Die in Israeli Raids:

As dawn broke, Palestinian radio broadcast messages from Hamas’ military wing, the Izzadine al-Qassam Brigades, calling on women to head to the mosque and serve as human shields for the men inside. Hamas, formally known as the Islamic Resistance Movement, runs the Palestinian government.

You think American and European feminists will be up in arms over this? Nah, why should they care about Arab, Muslim women – unless someone is drawing cartoons about them?

You think CAIR will object to this exploitation of Muslim women? Nah, how is being martyred for the cause a form of exploitation?

You think the Post or other MSM will do a follow-up story on the practice, by Hamas, Hezbollah and other such terrorist groups, of using Muslim women as human shields? Nah, why would you think that was newsworthy?

You think this will give pause to those who insist Israel must negotiate with Hamas and even make concessions to Hamas?  Of course not. If Israel doesn’t negotiate and make concessions with those pledging their genocide, how can the “peace process” continue?

Hat tip: Sheri Annis

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