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What Do You Call a Defense Secretary…

…who brings down two hostile, tyrannous regimes in one year, and while a long regional war — actually the first stage in a worldwide war declared by terrorists for the past 20 years — was grinding on also managed the most radical transformation of the American armed forces in sixty years? I call Donald Rumsfeld the best Defense Secretary the U.S. has ever had. Close behind him, in my book, is Secretary Richard Cheney, and we have been lucky to have a number of other very good Secretaries of Defense during the past century. No one has had as tough a job as Rumsfeld. No one has faced a time in which the military faced a more challenging environment, geographically and technically. No one is without faults, and I imagine that driving Don is not always easy to work for. Reminds me of football coaches I have known.

The more the Democrats dislike him, the more I like him.