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What Do You ‘Need to Know’?

Jay and I went on a bender. No, not that kind. It was a binge of sorts, but not of drinking, eating, or TV watching. On this week’s Need to Know we binged on listener questions — our third and final installment of answering broad-ranging queries. Many focused on music. Someone wanted to know if Jay was neglecting Brahms (spoiler, no worries). It wasn’t all classical music though. Jay is currently smitten with Taylor Swift, which led to a discussion of auto-tuning. 

Is Mark Twain’s famous quip about Wagner funny? Mona makes a valiant, if likely unsuccessful,  effort to defend Twain. We also get into “drive-by” liberalism and how one copes with living in hyper liberal cities, finding conservatives in unexpected places, helping kids navigate the waters at lefty universities, beautiful buildings we have known, and Mona’s friendship with liberal columnist Ruth Marcus. We had such fun answering these great questions that we will surely do it again sometime. It’s almost sad to return to the news next week. Do join us. 




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