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What does Hillary Want?

Since Hillary has probably had enough martyrdom for a lifetime, she has every incentive to play hardball now, and to be just plain disruptive if she doesn’t get what she wants.  If she doesn’t want to be VP? I personally fear a Supreme Court seat for her. It is the only thing that would make giving up a lifetime Senate seat worthwhile.

Meanwhile, watching her fans last night, and listening to some — though by no means all — of my own personal middle-aged, female Democrat friends who have supported her (some with large chunks of cash, fundraising and campaigning in cold places last winter) many intend to vote for John McCain regardless of what Hillary says to do in some staged reconciliation. They are just plain pissed off. And, for some mysterious reason, they can actually see the radical left agenda Barack is hiding in liberal clothing, though they never would concede such a thing about Hillary or John Edwards. And they think it goes over whatever line exists for them. I wish I had something more high-minded to say about this, but I find it quite entertaining when someone who has never voted Republican in her life starts making an urgent case for John McCain at a social function. I have learned to keep quiet and nod sympathetically. What else can you do?


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