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What a Gift!

Meet Lyla Rose, one-year-old daughter of an NRO reader: 

Good Morning Kathryn!I catch up on my Corner reading a lot on the weekends but haven’t beenpaying too much attention to the Planned Parenthood story until thismorning.

I just read your story on Lila Rose and couldn’t help but smile.  Yousee about a year and a half ago my wife became pregnant with our thirdchild.  Very early in the pregnancy she was called by her doctor to gosee a specialist about her blood results/workup.  She didn’t think itwas odd because she has a little thyroid issue but when she arrived avery disrespectful  specialist told her she had a 1 in 3 chance ofhaving a “normal” child and we needed to talk things over about whatwe wanted to do!

Even though we would never have an abortion my wife and I wanted toknow what we would be dealing with from a medical standpoint so if thebaby did need immediate help we would be ready. So, we went to see ageneticist the next week and were told our baby has trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome).  The next day the geneticist called me and asked me whatour plans were and then proceeded to tell me our baby would have verylittle quality of life and we should think of other options includingterminating the pregnancy especially because my wife was only 13 weeks.

Fast forward to the end and our sweet baby was born on Valentine’s Day, 2010.  She spent a whole month in the Neonatal Intensive Care fora heart complications but avoided surgery and was released on St. Patrick’s Day.  She is now a beautiful, healthy one year old girl and her name is Lyla Rose!

Have a great day!


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