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An e-mail:

Love the site–been reading for almost ten years. I’m a Navy JAG Officer, headed to Iraq with the Marine Corps (II-MEF) in January. Just wondering if the Corner folks have noticed the big debut of the new recruiting campaign for the U.S. Army these past few days. After all the (justified) criticism of the “Army of One” BS, I think we should all smile and give a big metaphorical salute to the “Army Strong” campaign. I just saw a full one-minute commercial that featured the phrase (as a guy climbed over a wall), “Not just strength to get yourself over, but strength to get over yourself.”

I thought I’d never see such a thing. If I weren’t already commissioned in the Navy right now, I’d want to join the Army. Someone in “Army advertising” deserves some applause.

God bless you, sir. And thank you.