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What I Heard At The Book Signing

Despite the chants of “Bush is a liar!” wafting up to our window, no one seemed to mind White House lies between 1992 and 2000. What follows is a smattering of our favorite quotes from conversations this morning:

Does it matter that Bill cheated? “Oral sex is not a sin.”

Why is it ok that Bill lied about Monica? “It takes a superhuman strength to tell the truth. I lied to my wife for 35 years of marriage. Until I came out as a gay man and divorced her.”

Do you fault him for lying? “What’s the use of being President if you can’t get a little head once in awhile?”

Were all of the allegations against the Clintons spawned by a “vast right-wing conspiracy”? “Maybe 10% were valid. But not enough to decapitate the White House.”

The most obvious reason to support Hillary for President? “Men have been screwing [the presidency] up for years, it’s about time we gave a woman a chance.”

And the number one reason to buy Hillary’s book? “I’m getting it as a Father’s Day present to torture my Republican father-in-law.”


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