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What an Irritatingly Misleading Headline

From the New York Daily News today, atop a piece about Cardinal Dolan’s appearance on Face the Nation: 

Cardinal Dolan: Obamacare is ‘intruding into the life of faith’

Criticizes President Obama over birth control for women

In truth, as you can read here (or watch yourself — the video is included in my earlier Corner post), Cardinal Dolan criticized the president’s policy as an erosion of religious liberty, as well as mentioning the disingenuousness displayed by the president in conversations with the cardinal. But women using birth control was not the issue at hand.

As a side note, it’s also worth pointing out I’ve never heard the cardinal use the word “Obamacare,” including in more private settings than Face the Nation. The word makes him look like a partisan actor, which he isn’t. He has, however, been a longtime critic of the president’s health-care legislation despite his desire to see health-care reform, concerned about its threat to conscience rights for years now, long before it became law.

The Catholic view of contraception is, of course, of concern to Dolan too. But this big public-square political battle he’s been forced into isn’t “over birth control for women” but freedom for religious people. The headline writer at the Daily News there would make the White House spin writers proud.

The New York Daily News, I must add, has run some wonderful pieces in their opinion section recently. One by Princeton grad student on “Catholicism’s Lessons in Love” (the Daily News title!) and NR alumnus James Panero on Tim Tebow stand out in particular. I’ve been grateful for the opportunity now and again to say a few words there, too.

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