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What Is ‘Critical Race Theory’ and Why Are So Many Colleges Teaching It?

America is suffering from two pandemics — the actual disease of COVID-19 and the intellectual disease of a bunch of toxic ideas called Critical Race Theory. The latter is the subject of today’s Martin Center article by Cornell University law professor William Jacobson.

He writes about a new initiative of his Legal Insurrection Foundation, a website devoted to exposing the “outbreaks” of CRT at colleges and universities. “Our main concern,” says Jacobson, “is not with the study or teaching of the subject, but how campuses implicitly and explicitly force students to adopt this ideology through mandated coursework, activism, other requirements, and the campus culture.”

In other words, the problem here is that CRT is not analyzed and discussed academically, but rather is force-fed to students as dogma that may not be questioned. Jacobson’s goal is to provide parents and taxpayers with information about how CRT has penetrated colleges and universities they are interested in.

Why should they care? Jacobson continues, “Using the misleading verbiage ‘anti-racism,’ students, faculty, and staff are subjected to training and mandated study of how to dismantle the allegedly systemically racist system. There is no opting out and there is no right to be left alone. In the terms of campus activists, ‘silence is violence,’ so being silent is alleged to be an act of violence.”

If you don’t want your sons and daughters roped into any of that or don’t want your tax dollars spent like that, Legal Insurrection’s website can give you the information you need.

This is an effort worthy of support.

George Leef is the the director of editorial content at the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal.


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