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For What It’s Worth on the NY 23rd

Today I put my wallet where my principles are and sent a nice donation to conservative Doug Hoffman, running in the controversial New York 23rd special Congressional election. I suggest other conservatives do likewise. Those that don’t should refrain from bellyaching on November 3 if there’s a close loss.  

According to the latest Siena Poll, Democrat Bill Owens (33% of likely voters) now leads the three-way race, with RINO Dede Scozzafava (29% — down from 35%) fading, and Hoffman (23%, up 7 points in two weeks) coming on, even leading in some parts of the district. He’s backed by Club for Growth, Eagle Forum, Susan B. Anthony List, Fred Thompson, and other good guys.

That’s good enough for me. And just as a reminder: Conservative party candidates can win neck-and-neck three-way races in the Empire State. I once met a guy named Jim Buckley who did just that. He was elected a senator or something in the Seventies — maybe you heard about it? This race is worth the fight. Join it at the Hoffman campaign website.