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What The…?

Wander over to the right of your screen and scroll down a bit and you will see an ad for the next NR Cruise (which of course you should attend, you shouldn’t leave it to others to buy all my drinks). The title of the ad is “27 Great Reasons to Come on the NR 2010 Post-Election Cruise.”

It sure looks like a ranking to me, after all it’s not alphabetical or anything. I come in at #6 between Andrew Breitbart and Greg Gutfeld. Karl Rove is #1. Personally, I’m fine with #6. In fact, if anything it is far too generous a ranking. But what about poor Bob Costa? He is #27.

Thanks to this ad (or, more likely, thanks to this post), everyone at NR and in the Known Universe will now be calling him #27 (or el veintisiete) for the rest of his life.

Update: From a reader:

Give the poor guy a break. Call him Agent 27. In the pecking order of agent ID’s, he will always be ahead of Hymie the Robot.

I fear he’s too young to remember Hymie the Robot.


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