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‘What Kind of Bully Harasses Nuns?’

I wrote about Xavier Becerra’s Little Sisters of the Poor litigation on the home page today:

Getting embroiled in litigation with nuns usually isn’t an item anyone wants on his résumé.

This is a rule of thumb, though, that doesn’t apply to California attorney general Xavier Becerra, who went out of his way to target an exemption for the Little Sisters of the Poor. His litigation is still caught up in the courts even after it got rebuked by the U.S. Supreme Court last year.

Becerra, Joe Biden’s pick for Health and Human Services secretary, chose to pursue this litigation even though it is completely meritless; even though it would, if successful, punish nuns who simply want to carry out their calling to care for the indigent elderly; and even though only ideological zealots intolerant of moral views different from their own can take any pleasure in its continuation.

There will be a lot of material for Becerra’s opponents to work with during his confirmation hearing on Tuesday, but this litigation, on its own, should be disqualifying.


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