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The consensus in my inbox?  On immigration, Dubya is acting not out of political calculation—and certainly not out of any concern for the reaction to his stand down in Mexico—but out of stubborn conviction.  Three samples:

The key component in the Presidents thinking and feeling about the Mexicans living in America comes from his life in South West Texas.  It has been my experience that most of Texas roughly south of Interstate 10 is as much Mexican as it is Gringo.  Entire towns are predominantly Mexican, and have been for a hundred years….This is a peaceful, civil society, where Americans and Mexicans live and work together, and where both have put down deep roots.  The Mexicans are managers of companies, sheriffs in towns, respected members of the communities.  The Mexicans are friends, neighbors, in laws, and family….Texas has not beenoverwhelmed by Mexicans, Texas is peaceably and proudly part Mexican.  Also,we have no state income tax for Mexicans to avoid, but we do have a state sales tax that all Mexicans pay…. Mr.Bush’s perspective on this issue is a Texas perspective.

# # # Isn’t evidence that Bush has conviction about immigration that he persists in taking steps so patently unpopular?  Bill Clinton would have had many fences and active duty military on the border if things had gotten to this point.  Personally, I think Bush’s Christian views control this policy more than anyone is willing to admit.  So on GWOT we get shades of Reagan, while on immigration Jimmy Carter…

# # #

I would have a hard time proving it, but after watching Bush for many years both as governor of our state and as President, I am convinced he is acting out of conviction and good intentions…. This is why he should resign immediately, and begin using those good intentions to pave the road to Hell, for that is where he is leading us….

Peter Robinson — Peter M. Robinson is a research fellow at the Hoover Institution.

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