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What A Night

We had a party tonight. It really was an amazing thing. And not just because the suits sprung for the top shelf liquor. We celebrated the 10 year anniversary of the corner. The people who showed up blew me away. It was really humbling to be reminded/informed what a big deal the Corner has played over the last decade. The one point of consensus of the entire night was what an important, indispensable, role Kathryn has played over the last 10 years. And, the worst thing about it all was that Kathryn couldn’t be there tonight due to being under the weather.

On the upside, there’s a venerable tradition of me completely blowing speaking gigs at events like this for NR. I must do at least 20 events a year, but whenever it comes time to take a bow or sing NR’s praises, I fall flat. I think it’s a sign of my commitment to, and reverence for,  the magazine that I keep the tradition alive.


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