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What Is Obama Thinking?

Lots of chatter in my Twitter feed that Mitt is debating like a guy who’s winning and President Obama’s debating like a guy who’s losing. Maybe.

But if that’s true, doesn’t President Obama have to know he’s losing? And if so — where’s his strategy? He’s got to realize he’s not changing the game here.

He’s got to understand that, at best, he’s “winning” an uninspired, low-impact debate. (And I actually think he’s losing.)

Turning this debate into an opportunity to stop Mitt’s momentum was always going to be tricky. Clearly Axelrod and Co. never figured out the trick.

Michael GrahamMichael Graham was born in Los Angeles and raised in South Carolina. A graduate of Oral Roberts University, he worked as a stand-up comedian before beginning his political career as ...


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