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What Paul Johnson Thinks of The Proposed European Constitution

He’s against it, vividly. To wit:

[The proposed constitution is] essentially the work of the French. And the French think they know everything. One of the things I’ve been trying to get into the heads of Frenchmen…for a very long time now, is that if you want to use history to help you, study the history of how the United States was created….[A]fter all, this was the first republican constitution of its kind, [and] subject to a few amendments, it’s lasted over 200 years. And…it has created the richest, most powerful country in the world. You’d think that the Europeans would want to see how it was done and…incidentally learn a bit about democracy. Not at all. No, we have nothing to learn from those barbarians across the Atlantic. That’s…what they think and sometimes they say it, too.

This lovely sally—Andrew, has anything done more today to warm your heart?—comes from an exchange between Paul Johnson and Timothy Garton Ash on Uncommon Knowledge. For the rest, click here.


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