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What a Prince

That the former democracy known as Belgium has the misfortune to be run by Western Europe’s most unpleasant establishment is no secret, but it’s disappointing nevertheless to see that the thuggery has spread to the country’s royalty.

The Belgian newspaper De Standaard is reporting that the heir to the throne had this to say recently:

“Some people and parties, like the Vlaams Belang, are against Belgium and want to destroy our country. I can assure you that they will have to deal with me in that case. And make no mistake about it: if needed I can be a pretty tough one.”

Who, I wonder, does this princeling think he is?

Over at the Live from Brussels Blog, Maarten is not impressed. Citing the electoral success of Vlaams Belang (Flemish separatists and much more besides, not all of it likeable), he has this to say:

“More that one million people voted for the Vlaams Belang (about 25% of the vote in Flanders), while prince Philippe got no votes at all, he just owes his position to being born from the right womb.”

That’s right. If the prince wants to go into politics, he’s free to do, but he should renounce his claim to the throne.

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