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A quick look at some worthwhiles, courtesy of NRO’s Hot Links (on the homepage — visit daily):


EDITORS: The United Nations’ basket of sanctions against Iran has holes big enough for dinosaur eggs to fall through. New York Sun

AMIR TAHERI: There’s a boom outside Baghdad. New York Post

CAROLINE GLICK: in Bethlehem, as the dwindling Christian population reeled with the news that their tormentors may soon return to rape, murder and extort them again, Manger Square stood near-empty on Christmas. Jerusalem Post

MICHAEL BARONE: Bush needs to channel Churchill and Roosevelt on

EDITORS: Do we need a bigger Army? Chicago Sun-Times

MICHAEL OREN: Jimmy Carter has a religious problem with Israel. Wall Street Journal

JEFF SESSIONS: I suggest that Democrats and Republicans can successfully work together to create personal savings accounts for all Americans outside the Social Security system.Washington Post

LAWRENCE SUMMERS: The markets are pricing in tranquillity as far as the eye can see. The commentariat begs to differ. Los Angeles Times

TOD LINDBERG: This has been a good year for taking stock of the state of the political system.Washington Times

BILL CLINTON: Two years after the southeast Asian tsunami, we can honor its victims by applying lessons we’ve learned in the recovery to future natural disasters. Washington Post

JUSTIN WEBB: Is America ripe for a Mormon president? BBC

ELIZABETH WILLIAMSON: Senator McCain calls for troop boost as son becomes a Marine.Washington Post

PAULINE W. CHEN: Patient deaths, for many doctors, represent a kind of failure, and so without really thinking, we look the other way. New York Times

ERIC FETTMANN: Uri Dan, R.I.P. New York Post

BOB NEWHART: Back to the stores! New York Times


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