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What a Relief! No More Bloviating

John Boehner’s first speech as Speaker epitomizes the change in tenor in D.C. — not just its substance, but its duration, too.

Boehner said more in a scant 12 minutes than Nancy Pelosi could ever bloviate in 20.

That will be the secret to the success of Boehner and the GOP majority: simple and direct statements, going over the heads of the D.C. ruling class and straight to the American people. At no other time have Americans been more connected to their government, or better informed. They see through the babbling doublespeak of yesteryear’s pols and demand to be spoken to plainly, like adults.

This respectful courtesy must be continued. Newly elected members should take that cue, and carry it through with regular conversations with constituents: listening, and giving responses that are truly thoughtful — and straightforward and brief!

— Andrew Langer is president of the Institute for Liberty.


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