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What a Shame

I like the Powerline Blog and I think those guys do a great job and seem quite decent folks from TV etc. Which is why I think this post is such a shame. I don’t think comparisons are particularly fruitful, but it’s childish and stupid to say — hesitatingly or otherwise — that the Corner “sucks” as a blog or as anything else. Well, okay, as a nuclear power plant or airborne laser volcano lancer it ain’t to hot. But in this context, I think this was just plain lame, particularly considering the prize:

So long as our closest competitor for best overall blog in the Wizbang Best Overall Blog category was my own favorite blog — Little Green Footballs — I refrained from soliciting your votes for Power Line.

Now, however, we are within a shade of being overtaken for first place by NRO’s The Corner. The NRO site is outstanding, easily one of the best on the Web. Despite the fact that almost all of NR’s fine editors contribute to the Corner, I do not hesitate to say that as a blog The Corner — how to put this? –sucks, or that Power Line is a better blog.

If you agree with me, will you please exercise your Aylward-given right as a citizen of the World Wide Web to vote once every 24 four hours for your favorite site in the Wizbang Best Overall Blog category? Thank you for your consideration.

Posted by The Big Trunk at 02:50 PM

Update: Um, to the emailers who’ve said nice things about the Corner, thanks. To those who thinks the Corner sucks, fine. To those who misread this post to the extent that they think I’m weepy about what the guys at Powerline think, put down the pipe. But in case the miscommunication was on my part, I’ll just be clear. I don’t take it very seriously. What I was calling lame was precisely that sentiment on their part. The Powerline post came across, to me at least, like a guy talking trash about an opposing chess team.

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