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What The Terror-Alert System Means to Americans?

An e-mailer:

This raising of the terror level is driving me crazy. I live in Bermuda but my 11 year old son lives in New York. He has flown on his own before and is scheduled to come this weekend. However, with the terror warning being raised I am not sure what the heck to do. Is it more dangerous? Is this “chatter” they hear connected to the U.S. or New York? The prospects of not seeing my son are terrible but putting his life in needless danger is not an option. I do not want to hear “be more vigilant” again. There are no answers from our officials. Given we can’t find Bin Laden or Saddam or the WMD, my faith in the intelligence community is at an all time low.


My advice: Don’t cancel your plans. I’m sure Derb can work up a probablity schematic for you that will back me up (but ONLY if you promise to buy his book).


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