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What, Voter Fraud — Here in Chicago?! And Two More Things.

Gail Heriot, one of the two conservative members of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, has an amusing post here about a recent exchange between her fellow conservative — and frequent NRO contributor — Peter Kirsanow and the chairman of the Illinois advisory committee to the Commission, regarding the chairman’s conclusion that there is no evidence of voter fraud in Illinois.

A couple of other short items while I’m at it. First, Penn law professor Amy Wax’s recent treatment by her dean has gotten much publicity and, since the underlying controversy involves what she said in an interview with Brown professor Glenn Loury, readers might be interested in seeing what he says as he joins those criticizing the dean.

Second, the latest Trump administration scandal uncovered by CNN involves alleged statements by Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke that — brace yourselves, and you may want to send your children out of the room — he cares more about “excellence” and “having the right person for the right job” than he does about “diversity.” Unfortunately, Secretary Zinke’s spokeswoman is denying the statements, which is too bad; the real scandal is that such observations should be seen as scandalous.


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