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What We Don’t Understand South of Fresno—

If the Democrats really think they need a new fresh star, why would they consider an inexperienced Barak Obama ,who won in a like-minded liberal Illinois, to be a more attractive candidate than James Webb, who has far more government experience, is a decorated veteran, a better writer, and won a tough election in the heart of red-state America?

And why would any savvy old hand ever accede to an interview with a magazine with the tell-tale narcotic “Vanity”-or the give-away “Fair” in the title?

And why would a supposedly bipartisan task force on Iran (“Iran: Time for a New Approach”),co-chaired by someone who oversaw the Carter response to the Iranian hostage-taking, and another involved in the Reagan-era Iran-Contra mess, be seen as authoritative?

And why criticize Rumsfeld for a lack of clarity on Iraq when he was consistent that he wanted a moderately-sized force during and after the invasion-especially when the hard Left said that we had sent too few troops to Iraq, but really preferred none at all; the House and Senate Democrats cried that we should have had more in Iraq, but now want far less; the Neoconservatives were once happy with fewer but then wanted more; and the hard Right wanted none and now less than none?