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What Will Wright Say Next?

Rev. Wright has to feel betrayed by Obama now, and has to know that Obama hasn’t been straight about what he knew and when he knew it from the beginning. That creates the possibility of Wright swinging back in a way that would directly target Obama’s image as a new and different sort of politician. Here is an ominous passage in the New York Post today:


The Rev. Jeremiah Wright would be happy to see Barack Obama’s presidential campaign derailed because the pastor is fuming that his former congregant has “betrayed” their 20-year relationship,The Post has learned.


“After 20 years of loving Barack like he was a member of his own family, for Jeremiah to see Barack saying over and over that he didn’t know about Jeremiah’s views during those years, that he wasn’t familiar with what Jeremiah had said, that he may have missed church on this day or that and didn’t hear what Jeremiah said, this is seen by Jeremiah as nonsense and betrayal,” said the source, who has deep roots in Wright’s Chicago community and is familiar with his thinking on the matter.


“Jeremiah is trying to defend his congregation and the work of his ministry by saying what he is saying now,” the source added.


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