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What Women Want

Swedish women are rebelling against the world’s ultimate “nanny” state by attempting to care for their own children. Outrageous! Efforts by Swedish feminists to enforce androgyny by dissolving the nuclear family seem to have hit a rough patch. Will Britain ape Swedish radicalism just as the Swedish system itself may be unraveling? Stay tuned. Sweden seems to be tracing out a slow-motion repetition of the failed Kibbutz experiment in androgyny. For more, see “Can We Make Boys and Girls Alike?” (HT to Brad Wilcox at Family Scholars Blog on the Swedish story.)

….OK, I just noticed this, which I suppose you could say is one of the more effective manifestations of Swedish androgyny. By the way, if you’re inclined to complain about that sort of newspaper article, just pick up the phone. And for thoughts on Swedish marriage, go here.


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