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What Would Hurt Obama?

What would hurt Obama most at this point? Arguably, it would be yet another close and long-term association with some person or organization with a harshly anti-American ideology. A clear repeat of a Wright/Ayers-type connection at this point would complete a very powerful and damaging pattern, especially if you could get graphic anti-American statements on record.

But perhaps what would hurt even more would be powerful evidence of a pattern of stealth or deception concerning the radical views of Obama and/or his associates. If you could show a conscious practice of deception about the true political views of Obama and/or his close political associates, that would be very damaging indeed.

Or maybe what would really hurt Obama at this point would be evidence of shady dealings, as in, say, channeling money to radical, deceptive, anti-American friends, especially under circumstances that test the bounds of the law.

Hmm. But what if you could show all of this at once? Impossible? Not at all. Just check out my story on Obama in the latest issue of NR. It’s called, “Senator Stealth.”


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