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What’s after ‘Jumping the Shark’?

I almost feel sorry for the humorless, clueless commissars at the Southern Poverty Law Center. Since warnings about the Klan are no longer bringing in the direct-mail contributions, they teamed up with La Raza et al. after the defeat of the 2007 amnesty push to make immigration restrictionists (including yours truly) their new cash cow. When that fizzled, they hitched a ride on the gay-marriage gravy train and labeled as “hate groups” those who support traditional marriage, like the Family Research Council and our own Maggie Gallagher’s National Organization for Marriage. Now, piggybacking on the two minutes’ hate against Limbaugh, they’ve found a new arena of hate groups, comparable to neo-Nazis and the skinheads: the “manosphere” of misogynist web sites, including, among others, “Roosh Vörek . . . a Maryland-raised PUA (“pick up artist”) whose specialty is sex with foreign women.” As if that weren’t funny enough, one of their sources of information is — I am not making this up — something called

The good news is that all that “poverty” law has enabled the SPLC to amass assets of more than $200 million, ensuring that we will be able to mock it for years to come.


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