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‘What’s the Constitution?’

At least one youngster was honest enough to admit he didn’t know it. If only politicians were so honest.

The Constitution, and an essay contest that the woman below is sponsoring, is the subject of my syndicated column this week.

To hear Janine Turner talk about her contest is to hear someone in love with her country, challenging herself to truly know what that means and be an active contributor to its preservation. Janine Turner represents the best of this tea-party mood in the air. Her civic passion is the same kind of magnet that attracts people to the tea parties, to the likes of Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin. She may be an actress, but there’s something very familiar about Janine Turner (who you might remember as Maggie O’Connell): Just another American, who might be new to the intensive study of history, but wants to share what she’s learning — and make it creative and entertaining — along the way. It’s certainly not a bad thing.


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