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What’s Debbie Hiding?

Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, as chairman of the Democratic National Committee, has been on the attack against Mitt Romney for months now. And naturally, that includes frequently parroting the Obama campaign line about Romney not releasing enough financial information, particularly his tax returns.

But Wasserman Schultz’s congressional opponent in Florida this year, Karen Harrington, has pointed out that Wasserman Schultz herself has never bothered to release her tax returns. The congresswoman files a financial disclosure form, indicating a broad range of values of her various assets, but hasn’t come even close to the level of disclosure reached by Romney.

Of course, as Wasserman Schultz might put it, she isn’t literally required to release her tax returns, and would only be doing so in the interests of public transparency — but the same is true of Governor Romney, who has only released documentation other than the financial-disclosure forms because it’s become customary for presidents and presidential candidates to do so.

Update: Wasserman Schultz’s latest financial disclosure form is here.

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