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What’s Going On in the Indo-Pacific?

Aside from everything going on in America, the Indo-Pacific region is roiling: North Korea blowing up its liaison office with South Korea, 20 Indian troops dying in a skirmish with the Chinese military, the U.S. and China embroiled in an intensifying propaganda war, Chinese ships intimidating Taiwan and the Philippines, and much more.

I discuss a lot of this in a new book, Asia’s New Geopolitics, which launches today. From China’s “rules” for the world to why Kim Jong-un can’t control his nukes, and from Japan’s barriers against the world to a “history” of the 2025 Sino–U.S. Littoral War, there are eight essays in this book that explain some of the most important trends in the world’s most important region.

Today at 4 p.m. Eastern Time, Representative Mike Gallagher, H. R. McMaster, and former deputy national-security adviser Nadia Schadlow join me on a Hoover Institution webinar to discuss the book’s themes. The link to register for the event is here. Please join us for the event!


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