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What’s He Smoking?

We all have our experiences of the delusional, the ranting madman on the sidewalk, the elderly relative lost in impossible reminiscence, and we know that we have to be compassionate, but sometimes it’s not easy. Here’s Will Hutton in today’s Observer :

“The European Union is a success. Its 25 members are discussing proposals for a new, carefully crafted constitution that will make it at once more governable and more democratic – a pipedream even 18 months ago. Its new currency reaches new highs against the dollar. It is about to take over peacekeeping in Bosnia from Nato. It is a fast-developing, positive and progressive force.”

The poor, poor fellow.

Rather unkindly, on the same web page the Observer has a link to a site to help voters to find out who their MEP (member of the European ‘parliament’) actually is .


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