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What’s Legal Immigration, Anyway?

What is “legal immigration” when those responsible for making our laws and enforcing our laws are defending and promoting illegal immigration? Illegal immigration undermines the very concept of legal immigration. The Bush-Kennedy-Kyl bill undermines the very concept of legal immigration. Rewriting the rules to make legal what is now illegal, while those who are following the legal process receive little attention or relief, makes a mockery of the entire process. That’s an important reason to oppose this bill, is it not?

I also don’t think it’s enough to say, “I support legal immigration.” What does that mean? Do you support increased immigration from, say, Saudi Arabia and Yemen, which inculcate their populations with anti-western hatred? As of 1965, most distinctions between nations have been eliminated for purposes of accepting immigrants. So, doesn’t support for “legal immigration” depend on other factors as well, such as the adequacy of the systems in place to determine the intentions of those coming to our country and the competency of those responsible for managing the systems?

Legal immigration means many different things and has many different consequences. Notice that Mothers Against Drunk Driving don’t preface their opposition to drinking and driving with repeated assurances that they’re not against driving. I don’t think we have to cede the high moral ground when we stand in opposition to this bill.