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What’s In a Name

Some interesting responses to my USA Today piece:

Nice article in USA today.A phrase in your second paragraph, “The share of Americans who describe themselves as Republicans is plummeting so quickly, pretty soon more voters will call themselves Hobbits than Republicans.,” is a symptom that the Democrats are probably mis-reading, in their eagerness to claim ascendency for liberalism. 

A (previously) lifelong registered Republican, I have been registered as an Independent since 2003, when I moved to Maryland.  I did it partly for practical reasons and partly for personal reasons.  From the practical standpoint, if I ever need constituent service from my DPRM* overlords, I stand a better chance of getting a response this way.  Personally, I thought that the GOP was acting like, well, you said it better than I could when you described them as “pimps with a week to live.”

Unfortunately for the libs, I have in no way become a fan of their current brand of racially based Messianic Neo-Marxism.  I have never voted for anyone using the Democrat moniker, I see no reason to ever do so, and I always vote. 

DPRM  == Democratic People’s Republic of Maryland

And, from a reader in Southlake Texas:

Dear Jonah:  In your USA Today column you say: “The GOP made some awful blunders, and it is paying the price for them. But such payments can also purchase redemption if you learn the right lessons.”  Problem is, I have yet to see any indication that the GOP has actually learned ANY lesson, let alone the RIGHT lessons.  There is so much opportunity for a conservative Republican leader to emerge, yet we are treated to absolute silence.  The issue of energy and the cost of living is just crying out for a Republican to stand up and say that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are directly responsible for $4.00 gasoline and high food prices by pointing out the prohibitions on drilling they enforce.  Their policy of no nuclear plants allowed by Dem’s, etc.. Bush is silent and McCain has his head where the sun don’t shine on energy, so no one is taking the lead.  We need someone to actually point out that Obama is a disaster waiting to happen.  A corporal out of boot camp knows more about the military and foreign affairs.  Obama doesn’t even know what a capital gains tax is, he only knows that it is a tax and therefore should be raised.  He has belonged to and apparently approved of a church filled with enthusiastic black racists who howl support for their wacko ministers rantings which epitomize what might be called reverse Ku Klux Klan hate for another race (whitey). 

I keep getting letters from the GOP exhorting me to send them money.  Till I see a coherent strategy for victory and conservative principles, those all go in the trash. 


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