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What’s the Point of the Debate Commission?

This is a very good and fair point:

Ifill’s been working on this book for most of the year. She hasn’t made it secret. Your beef should lie with Frank Fahrenkopf, John Danforth, Howard Buffet, or Alan Simpson, Republicans who are on the Commission but, presumably, signed off on Ifill.

UPDATE: This is going to be a very long month. Another e-mail:

Hello K-Lo, I was reading Hot Air this morning about the Ifill conflict of interest and someone posted a comment about you. They were referencing your post in the Corner “What’s the Point of the Debate Commission?” and made it seem like you were the one saying that we should judt suck it up and blame the Republicans. Not that you were posting someone else’s thoughts and saying that they had a fair point. So, it’s not just liberals in the media who are taking you out of context, but panic stricken Republicans as well. Perhaps you should do your quotes in safety orange to make the point more clear?


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