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What’s Wrong With This Picture

The point of this picture is that John Kerry is a “let’s grab a brewski and watch the Packers game” kind of guy. Well, first of all — as we can see from this montage of similar pics — Kerry only sips his beer, while Dan DiMaggio the guy he’s sitting next to drains his drink (perhaps because he wants to get away as quick as possible). Behind Kerry there are a bunch of suits standing and watching Kerry, seemingly confident this won’t take so long as to make sitting down necessary. If you look very, very closely you can read on one aide’s lips, “Todd, excellent job finding an authentic working class bar.” The other aide can be seen saying, “Thanks Worthington. I googled it. And don’t worry, I also put that little yellow thing on his wrist and wrote ‘Lambeau field’ over and over on it so he won’t forget.”


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