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What’s Wrong With Tim Kaine’s ‘Personally Opposed’ Position on Abortion

Tim Kaine is one of those politicians who is “personally opposed” to following premises to their conclusions.

Patrick Lee, a philosophy professor at Franciscan University, writes on Facebook:

The Democrat VP nominee Tim Kaine claims he is personally opposed to abortion but then says he “deeply” believes that the government should leave the decision for abortion up to individuals. This is supposed to make sense but it doesn’t. What abortion is–as a matter of fact, not opinion, and not religious belief–is the killing of an innocent human being. And so we as a community are bound in justice to provide them the equal protection of the law. To protect born human beings by homicide statutes but not unborn human beings is radically unjust. To relegate a whole class of human beings–unborn human beings–to the status of mere objects that can be shredded and then thrown into the trash can is radically unjust–and, by the way, not at all consistent with Catholic teaching.

Also on Facebook, Princeton professor of politics Robert P. George asks Kaine some good questions:

If the child in the womb–or, if you prefer, the “fetus” [=Latin for young (or small) one]–has no right not to be killed, why do you oppose abortion, even merely “personally”?

If the child (“fetus”) does have a right not to be killed, how is it not a grave injustice to license (and protect and facilitate and fund) the systematic violation of that right?

Kaine owes people on both sides–pro-choice as well as pro-life–an answer. Will anybody in the media with access to him confront him with the question and not let him get away with an evasive answer or changing the subject?

Ramesh Ponnuru is a senior editor for National Review, a columnist for Bloomberg Opinion, a visiting fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, and a senior fellow at the National Review Institute.

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