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What’s Your Orthographic Point?

The following is a Letter to the Editor in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal.

Could someone please explain to me the function of the double-quotes in the

second sentence of the second paragraph? Thank you.

[Heading] The Big ‘Keep Out’ Sign

[First paragraph] In response to the Feb. 17 Letter to the Editor “Why Our

Immigration Laws Must Be Enforced,” signed by Rep. Tom Tancredo, Michael

Reagan and seven other conservatives:

[Second paragraph] The authors strenuously complain about the lack of

enforcement of our immigration laws. They accept “legal” immigrants and

condemn “illegal” immigrants. But they don’t say that the real reason for so

many illegal immigrants today is that since the 1920s there has not been a

legal way for most low-skilled immigrants to come here. Rep. Tancredo and

his colleagues are fortunate that people like themselves weren’t in power in

the 19th century, otherwise their ancestors would have never been allowed to

pass through Ellis Island.

[Signature] Susie L. Hoeller

Director, American Center for International Policy Studies

Van Alstyne, Texas

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