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I haven’t read the whole New York Times profile of Wendy Davis “Can Wendy Have it All?” in part because I have some more pressing things on my calendar (clean out the drier lint, stare vacantly into space) and in part because I resent the transparent effort to make Wendy Davis into an intriguing or compelling personality. It’s all so manufactured, like they have a checklist she’s got to work through before she can be one of Barbara Walters’ “Most Fascinating People,” despite losing an election. I give it 50-50 she has a daytime syndicated talk show by the end of the decade.

One of the interesting things about the prefab cult of Wendy is that if you ask, “What Would Wendy Do?” the answers aren’t obviously to her benefit. Politically, other than standing in pink sneakers for hours on end to protect late term abortions, it’s entirely unclear what else she would likewise stand for. Indeed, every day seems to bring a new answer to that question. And fair or not,  asking “What Would Wendy Do?” with regard to personal decisions is an invitation to a particularly brutal hashtag game on Twitter. 

Update: See Charlie’s post above. My post should now read. Politically, other than standing in pink sneakers for hours on end to protect late term abortions, it’s entirely unclear what else she would likewise stand for.

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