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When Anti-ISIS Is Pro-Islamist

I’m with Jonah a hundred percent on the hypocrisy of the U.K.’s National Union of Students – boycotting Israel but refraining from condemnation of ISIS for fear of being thought Islamophobic. But there is another side to the charade coin: Islamists posing as “moderates” while purporting to condemn ISIS’s interpretation of sharia.

To my chagrin, as further explained in this PJM post, the Washington Times yesterday opted to help that story along by turning to CAIR and one of the notorious “flying imams” for guidance. There are authentic moderate Muslims out there who don’t have a history of endorsing Hamas and who accept the heavy (and dangerous) burden of being “reformers” because they acknowledge the need to reinterpret Islam’s problematic aspects—rather than pretending these aspects don’t exist, and that ISIS is making up out of whole cloth a doctrinal basis for things like sex slavery and extortion (in the form of jizya). Couldn’t the Times use some of them for sources rather than giving us Islamists whose unsavory backgrounds it omits (much as it airbrushes sharia)?

By the way, Islamophobia is a smear coined by the Muslim Brotherhood—how rich to find it invoked on behalf of ISIS at a time when Brotherhood frontmen, notorious for their support of Hamas, are feigning outrage at ISIS’s jihadist tactics.

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