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When the Assassin Calls . . .

Further to yesterday’s post, Bruce Bawer has a very good report on the attempted assassination of my friend Lars Hedegaard in Copenhagen:

Hedegaard opened the door and was handed a package by the guy, who then drew a pistol and shot at him. Miraculously, the gunman missed – just barely. While he fumbled with his weapon, trying to get off another shot, Lars acted fast, striking his assailant, who dropped the gun. Lars tried to shut the door, but the perpetrator stuck his foot in and managed to push it open again and to pick up his pistol. The two men struggled, and the goon finally took it on the lam.

He was last seen at the Copenhagen Zoo, which seems appropriate. We laugh at the ineptitude of these bozo jihadists, but, as the IRA taunted Mrs. Thatcher after the Brighton bombing, they only have to be lucky once; you have to be lucky every time. This time Lars was lucky. That first shot whistled past his ear — and then a spry septuagenarian clobbered “a man around 25 with a foreign background” with the phony package he’d been handed, and tenaciously fought back.

Last summer, over in Europe, I had the privilege of presenting Lars with a Defender of Freedom Award for his brave words. Yesterday morning, he was called on to defend freedom more directly. Had he died, it would have been a grievous loss. Even so, because of the folly and delusion of the European establishment, it was a close call — and not the last. 

Mark Steyn is an international bestselling author, a Top 41 recording artist, and a leading Canadian human-rights activist.


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