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When Can We Stop Taking a Commentator Seriously?

Perhaps when he calls the president of the United States “a f***ing disgrace.”

Of course, the president has brought in people who disagree with him (and, oh, talks to them at every press conference…and White House dinner…and…). Of course, anyone who doesn’t read NR and NRO as selectively as Andrew chooses too knows we’re not “lackeys” for the White House.

But what’s the point? The president — who clearly takes his role as commander in chief, his obligation to the members of the military who’ve volunteered and sacrifice and fight, deadly seriously — is a f***ing disgrace in Mr. Sullivan’s mind. I don’t think anyone, nevermind “K-Lo,” is going to change his mind.

Whatever you think of him — and no, he’s not perfect — but President Bush is not playing “games.” So he met with some friendly media folk for an hour or so yesterday. So? Is it so terrible for Charles Krauthammer to get a little face time with the president to know what’s on his mind — and heck, he’s a psychiatrist — Dr. K so he may really know.

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