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When Citizens Engage, America Wins

When the American people look to Washington today, they see policies and an agenda woefully out of touch with their own priorities. For over a year, the Democratic majority has plowed forward with a job-killing agenda that has left a debris trail of trillion-dollar deficits, near-double-digit unemployment, and a litany of tax hikes that will spell disaster for our future prosperity. They have enacted an economic platform that has only fostered greater uncertainty and slowed efforts by the private sector to rebuild our nation’s economy.

What is particularly troubling about the current congressional Democratic tenure as the ruling party is that they have produced and pursued an agenda that is in opposition to the vocal wishes of the American people. The health-care debate of the past year was by far the most egregious example of Democrats ignoring the majority of Americans and choosing to govern without the consent of the governed. An increasing number of Americans, now 63 percent, support repeal of that bill.

Our nation needs to chart a new course in accord with the freedoms espoused by our Founding Fathers and codified in our Constitution, and respectful of the wishes and the will of the American people. It is time the voices of the American people became the most powerful in Washington and time for the ideological ambitions of the liberal majority to take a permanent back seat.

Republicans are stepping forward to offer an updated and interactive approach to governing that begins with politicians’ engaging with and listening to the American people. Fundamental to our collective cause will be a new online forum called

It will be a clearinghouse for the free exchange of ideas that will build a strategy to move our nation forward in a positive way. By embracing state-of-the-art online and social media tools, this effort will be vital to building a people-powered platform — one that can ensure our nation a more prosperous and secure future. is more than an online tool. It is a pledge by Republicans to involve the American people in a sincere process in order to more responsively address their concerns and respect their rights.


It is fair to say that, as conservatives, Republicans are inclined to embrace a strategy for our future prosperity that is built on expanded freedoms. One dedicated to smaller government with respect for a free and entrepreneurial people acting to improve their way of life, that of their children, and that of their communities. Our efforts will not mirror those of the current out-of-touch Washington majority. We believe the American taxpayers’ hard work and achievements have been used and abused for far too long. Nevertheless, every individual who wishes to participate will have a forum in which to air his or her concerns and contribute to a great national debate.


Numerous commonsense, positive solutions have already been offered by Republicans in Congress. Though they have been ignored, along with the voices of the American people, by the ruling majority, that should not deter us from the task at hand. We have the desire, motivation, and responsibility to build and embrace an historic opportunity. We will not be deterred in battling for freedom and the future of America, with our effort founded and grounded in the voices of those who sent representatives to Washington to serve them.


Some may attempt to malign and impugn our intentions because they are threatened by a new and innovative approach to governing. There are those who are invested in a Washington-knows-best agenda who understand that the empowerment of American citizens will undermine Washington’s control over our lives and livelihoods. Republicans are confident that when we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our fellow citizens, we will move our nation forward and create a more prosperous future for our children.


Through, all Americans have the opportunity to have their voices heard and heeded. Let’s move forward together as we embrace and respect the wishes of the people. Because when citizens engage, America wins!

Rep. Tom Price is a Republican congressman from Georgia.


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