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When Gender Is Fluid

There’s a good editorial on the homepage about the Houston toilet referendum, and I think it’s worth adding that many women don’t wish to share bathrooms with men for reasons that have nothing to do with religion, morals, conscience, or even privacy: general considerations of hygiene, the universal female dislike of encountering a raised toilet seat, and the fact that if any random guy can come along and join in the fun, ladies’-room lines will get even longer.

So here’s an idea: Instead of maintaining separate bathrooms for men and women, let’s have one for penis owners of any gender (cis or soi-disant), furnished with urinals perhaps, and another for those without penises. That way, women who need a safe, clean, affirming space can have one, and transitioners can use a properly equipped restroom with no need to declare their gender identity. I’m not sure how you would convey this distinction with a graphic symbol on the bathroom door, but no doubt some clever graphic artist will devise a solution.

Of course, all this assumes that penis owners will continue to use their appendages in the way that such appendages always been used, but even here, the Sexual Justice Warriors seek to reorder human nature:


These are from Europe, but they’ll be all over the place here as well if American men don’t stand up for their rights.


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