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When the Jab Is Everything

I just got my hard copy of The New Yorker. Here’s the cover:

My wife tells me others have pointed this out already, but I’ll go ahead and give my take: Lame. The only way this cover “works” is if the artist deliberately edits out an African-American, an Indian-American, and a woman (Ben Carson, Bobby Jindal, and Carly Fiorina). In other words, the whole editorial point — which isn’t clever in the first place — hinges on a deliberate lie in order to work at all. Poor Hillary is locked out of the country-club locker room! And it is full of a bunch of white guys (two of whom are Hispanic, but never mind)! Take that Republicans!

It’s really quite pathetic. Rather than illustrate a truth provocatively, it predictably illustrates a lie. 

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