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When LaFave Pulled a Foley


Obviously, you missed last night’s South Park. They covered the “young, attractive teachers (LaFave, LeTourneau) seducing young boys” topic, especially the fact that these women are treated with kid gloves as compared to male teachers who might do this to young girls. Some of the episode was over the top, some not, but after the teacher was caught and arrested, she assured young Ike (in kindergarten) that she knew exactly what to do–

–and she holds a press conference, confessing to be an alcoholic. The crowd immediately becomes sympathetic, and when she announces she is going to rehab, they cheer. (Funny pic – the rehab center has a revolving door with lines of people going in and out.)

One downside – the news announcers referred to this (inaccurately) as the “Mel Gibson defense.” I’d say it’s more of the “Mark Foley defense.”

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