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When We Have Our Eyes Fixed on the Unseen, Inwardly We Are Being Renewed

On Saturday, Michael Schwartz died. He is a familiar name and face to many conservatives and many who work on Capitol Hill. A truly good man, who inspired others around him to be good. He was chief of staff to Senator Tom Coburn for the last 15 years. When he had to finally retire from daily Hill work this past year on account of Lou Gehrig’s disease, Senator Coburn paid tribute to him on the Senate floor. Anyone who isn’t too busy to take a few minutes to be inspired to be better, to be truly good, in whatever it is we’re doing, might want to watch.


In his suffering, Mike was “still the guy who care[d] more about other people than himself.” How’s that for a bottom line for our often self-absorbed culture? Michael also was driven by the knowledge that “a society is truly measured in how it treats and cares for those less fortunate.” And he knew that the “closer you get to power, the more you need to humble yourself and learn new things,” Coburn said in paying tribute to Schwartz; it was a lesson Mike lived.

He was one of those people Americans tend not to know, but it would encourage them if they did. Thank God for Mike Schwartz. And God bless his family in their pain of the loss. R.I.P.

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