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Where Are The Conservatives?

Jonathan: Depends what you mean. If you mean:

(A) “No American is entitled to any American job. All jobs in America

should be up for grabs for anyone from the entire world willing to do


…Well, that may be a fine conservative principle, but lots of luck getting

elected to office on it. And I do not in fact believe it to be a

conservative principle. I believe it to be a crazy principle.

If, on the other hand, you mean:

(B) “It is not the government’s business to provide anyone with a job. It

is only the government’s business to provide a sound currency and a stable

commercial environment, so that lots of jobs will be generated…”

Then I’m with you, and we are both talking conservatism as I understand it.

The administration’s proposal of last week seems to me (and obviously to the

correspondent I quoted) to be uncomfortably close to (A).