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‘Where Are the Women?’ Apparently on the New York Times Editorial Board!

From Dorothy Samuels, a member of the New York Times editorial board, Sunday:

Opponents of the contraception rule claim the fight isn’t about birth control, but religious liberty. It’s about both, though they are right that the battle for religious exemptions goes well beyond birth control coverage — to employment discrimination, zoning, mandated reporting of child abuse, a pharmacist’s duty to fill valid prescriptions and that of hospitals to give life-saving emergency care. And now, the bishops and conservative religious groups are lobbying to get Congress to pass a law that would let any private employer opt out of covering any medical treatment as a matter of faith. That is an outrageous assault on the First Amendment. 

If you read the piece, I would encourage you to thank her for her honesty in legal analysis here. A Bryn Mawr grad, they may not ask her back to speak this year after this column


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