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Where Are the Women? Taking on Hillary Clinton Comparing HHS Mandate Opponents to the Taliban

Laura Ingraham last night:


Team Obama has decided that it isn’t really interested in debating the primary issues facing our country… issues like jobs and the economy. Instead the President has decided that scaring women, especially single women, is the key to victory in November.

Now, Democrats know that today women face really no restrictions getting contraception. They know that Republicans aren’t going to stop women from getting contraception. They know that nine in 10 employer-based health care plans already cover contraception.

this is a totally phony issue pushed by partisans who have no strategy other than to go negative, dividing Americans along racial, ethnic and now gender lines.

Obama’s boosters are misrepresenting what’s going on and they’re deceiving the American people just so he can retain power. This is cynical and dishonest.

Full video here.


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