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Where Do They Go From Fred

From NRO contributor Carrie Lukas (speaking for herself, not IWF, where she works):

Romney certainly does seem like the natural home for Fred supporters – he shares more positions with Fred than any of the remaining candidates. Here is my hesitation with Romney though and why I think that some are more comfortable with the idea of McCain as president.

Personally, I feel more comfortable with McCain precisely because he isn’t a conservative and never will be. I will never feel in any way that McCain represents me. He may be great on some issues, and it will be fun to have him being a strong advocate for some things I believe in, but I also know he will be terrible on some issues. The very fact though that guys like Rush won’t support McCain means that it won’t change the movement at all. I fear with Romney that we would find ourselves in a situation that is too similar to what we have faced with Bush—a President who pushes big government programs (NCLB, Medicare drugs, farm subsidies, etc) that Republicans are divided about whether to support or oppose. With McCain it will be easy – it will be a clean fight when he is bad and easy to support when he is good.

I know that many believe that Romney won’t push that many bad policies and I very much hope you all are right. I have only seen him speak once (last January) and wanted so much to like him, and then he spent his speech talking about stuff like the need for “every classroom to have a computer” and I was sorely disappointed. He did not seem to have an appreciation for the limited role of the federal government at all from what I could tell. Perhaps he is surrounding himself with people who do appreciate that but, with things like his statements in Michigan, it is very hard for me to imagine that he will be anything but a huge disappointment in terms of domestic policy. That leaves Fred supporters without a real home…

Interesting. I have no idea how this all works out in the end (or even next Tuesday), but talking to Marchers yesterday I heard a lot of people who were willing to be with McCain because a) “he’s an adult”; b) loves his country; c) may do some things well — they seem to associate him with competency and Iraq (so he’ll clean it up and get us moving on); d) has a pro-life-enough record, that he’ll show some leadership, they believe, on enough issues.

What I find amazing from pro-lifers is that they give McCain a pass on some big issues — embryo-destroying stem -cell research, for instance — where they criticize Romney for having actually converted…he’s a living, breathing, executive example of changing hearts and minds. But this is what they tell me.

There were also some Huck fans I ran into. He loves the Lord and life, they tell me.

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